Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Stories
(For Former Children)

"These witty fantasy stories kept me turning pages, wondering what could possibly happen next. I also laughed out loud! Very entertaining." -- R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps books

Written in a traditional storytelling style, Tall Tales is a storybook for people who have grown up but who haven't grown old!

Ghosts, graverobbers, aliens, astronauts, and Devil's Advocates are some of the characters found in the collection designed to appeal to the young at heart but written for those old enough to drink. (Contains mild language.)

Length: 6 hours
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Top Of The World:

Tales Of Mystery, Suspense, And Adventure

Seven stories of mystery, suspense, and adventure featuring a coin from the future, a post-apocalyptic nightmare, a soldier surrounded by ghosts, and a rock concert turned seance! Plus a clown war, a scientist who thinks he's found the way to Heaven, and the true meaning of love!

Stories include:

Top Of The World | The Coin | STAY OFF THE EAST SIDE | Houdini |Valentine's Day

Everything Is Everything | Haunted

Length: 10 hours
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Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys At Law:
The 1st Dozen

Featuring the first twelve adventures of the morally challenged barristers as originally seen in Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law Vols. 1-4, their opponents range from God above to the Devil himself, and their clients include the rich, the very rich, and the filthy rich!

Bedlam & Belfry are always open for business if the money is good, so if you're of a mind to become rich yourself, then with the proper lawsuit, they're your men!

Length: 9.5 hours
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Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys At Law:
The 2nd Dozen

Bedlam & Belfry are back in a second dozen of stories that test the bounds of legality, morality, and sanity!

Travel with them to far off planets, dingy London bars, and dignified courtrooms to watch them bring the law down to their level! See them enter (and exit) rehab, defend celebrity litigants, and employ dubious methods to win the day! Witness their ratings explode as their clients ascend into infamy!

Bedlam & Belfry return to the legal scene with twelve more tales of legal chicanery! To miss it would be criminal!

Length: 9.5 hours
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