An Ode to "Peanuts"

A retrospective on Charles Schulz and "Peanuts" for the twentieth anniversaries of the passing of the legendary cartoonist and the ending of his comic strip.

Is Anybody Out There? One Writer on the Purgatory of Submission

Written for The Millions, this short piece is about waiting to hear back from editors and publishers.

(Spoiler Alert: it takes a long time.)

10 Things Americans Need To Know About Canada Before Moving Up Here

A humourous look at the 2016 U.S. Presidental Election from a Northern perspective.

3,457 Miles and 14 Years Ago

As part of Comic-Con@Home, the 2020 Souvenir Book was made available online (as was the rest of the Con), and now you can read all about the time I met Ray Harryhausen!

(BTW, that's not Ray Harryhausen on the cover; it's his good friend, Ray Bradbury. Both men would have turned 100 years old that year. Ray Harryhausen is on the inside!)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Originally written for the 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes, "The Journey of a Thousand Miles," was published in 2008 as part of that year's Comic-Con International Souvenir Book, making it the most widely circulated piece that I'd ever written, up to that point.

Updated to include the publication changes that have occurred since!

Dave Cockrum: A Personal Reminiscence

This is rare. Originally published in Interlac #184 (circulation: 42) back in 2007, it was written the day after Dave Cockrum died (November 27, 2006). Posted online ten years after his death for everyone else to read.

Features rare, behind-the-scenes artwork!

Remembering Steve Lightle

Written on the day Steve Lightle died, this essay originally appeared on Facebook and captures how I felt after getting the shocking news.

It is archived here -- with photos and artwork not included in its original form -- for posterity.

Hawk & Dove: The Karl Kesel Interview

Cut from The Titans Companion 2, we present a series of questions with Karl Kesel about both the 1988 Hawk & Dove mini-series and its monthly follow-up. Learn how the new Dove came to be, and how Rob Liefeld was picked for his first big break!

Your Titans Companion experience isn't complete without it!