February 12, 2024

This is a healthy reminder that Alter Ego # 187 ships on April 17th, and while that may seem like a long way away, in comic book time, it's just around the corner! Also, TwoMorrows cuts its print runs close to the bone, so if you're thinking of purchasing it, it falls into the "now or never" category. There's no guarantee that copies will still be available months (let alone years) after publication, so if you want it, don't be passive and figure you'll get around to it someday because it most likely still won't be available then. There's even a preview of it online, and if you click the above picture, you can see a handful of pages from the main article itself. This is an unusual issue of Alter Ego in that, with the exception of its regular features, the entire issue is my article on Edmond Hamilton. That doesn't happen a lot, so if you think it's mostly bloat and your money won't go as far as it should, think again!

This is as close to a biography of Edmond Hamilton as the author is ever likely to receive, given how he's mostly forgotten today. If it wasn't for Legion of Super-Heroes fans, you might as well say he's completely forgotten since the science-fiction community doesn't seem to care about him anymore. So let's help keep the memory of arguably the most successful writer of the Golden Age of Science-Fiction alive, okay?

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