Part 1 - Legion of Super-Heroes

Originally serialized on Facebook, this is the story of how I almost got to assist legendary Legion of Super-Heroes author Jim Shooter when he returned to the series in 2008.

Twists and turns to follow!

Part 2 - Interact-O-Rama

Dark Horse Comics held a contest. I entered. I may or may not have won a t-shirt.

Features eight pages of a comic book story you've never read before (because it's never been published)!

Part 3 - Cthulhu Tales

Enough with the misses, it's time for a hit! The real life, true story of how I made my first comic book sale.

Guest starring Mark Waid and H.P. Lovecraft (sort of)!

Part 4 - Pennsylvania 6-5000

They say you're not a real writer until you've been paid. This is the story of the first time that money changed hands in my career, and it's not what you'd think!